Design workshop

I propose the elaboration and presentation of the workshops around a specific theme, in design schools and universities from first year to a Masters level, either in French or in English.

A workshop enables the participants to to work over a short period (from 3 to 5 days) on the complete process of the conception of an object, a service or a user experience (…)

It is by alternating a theoretical approach (historic culture and context) with practical experience on the theme (with sketches, drawings and prototypes) that the students immerse themselves in the real problems.

The support provided encourages the students to perceive the real problems clearly and to develop appropriate responses at different levels :

  • Follow and apply the project methodology which has been acquired (begin with a question and banish preconceived ideas)
  • Hone your creativity
  • Make use of your knowledge and technical mastery (learn by doing)
  • Show the richness of your responses on a formal, conceptual, social and systemic level (dismantle to reconstruct)
  • Defend your project (assume your choices)

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Design School

« It’s always such a pleasure to have Sebastien teaching at Strate through different kinds of workshops, in French or English. He is always in a good mood and knows perfectly the school. Sebastien delivers his passion for design and drawing and his curiosity to students who learn a lot from him. He shows great educational skills and can adapt to any kind of audience. Such a teacher is a rare gem! »

Cecilia TALOPP, Head of International Affairs. Strate School of Design