Support for professional changes

Life is moving ... what about you?!

It’s essential to be accompanied to the great milestones of your professional life: Meditating on your professional future, rethinking your profession, retraining or entrepreneurship are good opportunities to highlight the power that sleep in you.

That’s why a personalized, individual support will allow you to take a step back, consider new options, and shape them into a constructive and achievable project. In a nutshell: How to turn the obstacles of today into the opportunities of tomorrow ! Cheerful, right ?!
More in depth, you will thus give yourself the possibility of being aligned with your expectations, in accordance with your authentic and intrinsic motivations. These are the first steps to rediscover a quality of being, to feel in your place, to give meaning to your actions and to assume the legitimacy of this future role, independently of external factors.
Together with these internal initiatives, you will work on the ecosystem of which you are a part, to better understand its workings (partners, opportunities, skills, know-how, obstacles and levers …) and find your place there.


The tools implemented to support you are creative tools, powerful levers applied in exploration sessions: Methodologies from design thinking, visual thinking, graphic facilitation, mind-mapping, roadmap, photo-language, brainstorming , self-story, holistic approach of entrepreneurship … We also mention, at the heart of all benevolent support, active listening, respect for your history and your current doubts, your motivations, the development of your intuition …

Please drop me a message, to know more about the support you can get.