Creativity and Emotional Intelligence

Develop your creative mindset

Three days of creative, innovative workshops tailored to your requirements (guaranteed without PowerPoint!!) which combine neuro-scientific and practical theories. These workshops put humans back in the centre of sensory experiences which favour the development of a creative mindset.

It is a process, an energy, a freedom of spirit to draw upon every day.

The workshops put value on the development of confidence in yourself and in your partners, re-enforce the ability to view things objectively and develop appropriate inner resources. They prepare you to use the tools of creativity and joint creation efficiently and allow you to deepen creative attitudes and methods.

The workshops are designed for managers, consultants, teachers, coaches, human resources mangers and company directors.They are particularly adapted for an interaction between the different departments of a company.

This workshop takes place over 3 days :

  • Triggers and creative mindsets
  • Practical design development
  • Follow up and further development

For your convenience, the workshops can take place on your company’s premises during your seminars or on another site.


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